Only a few manufacturers of probiotics and synbiotics are known worldwide.
The table lists the trade names, quantitative and qualitative composition, and country of manufacture of the most famous probiotic and synbiotic preparations, which are sold on the world pharmaceutical market.

List and characteristics of the main probiotic and synbiotic preparations for the treatment of dysbiosis (dysbacteriosis)

Trade name of the preparation Microbial (probiotic and prebiotic) preparation Total microbial activity CFU / dose, prebiotic mg / dose Country of origin

One-component probiotics

Bifidumbacterin Bifidobacteria: bifidum I, bifidum infantis, bifidum longum  107 CIS *, Georgia
Lactobacterin Lactobacteria: acidofillus, fermenti, plantarum 4×10 9 CIS *, Georgia
Colibacterin E.Coli M17 107 CIS *, Georgia
Bactisubtil Bacillus cereus 109 India, Turkey, France

Two-component probiotics

Bificole Bifidobacteria: bifidum I, bifidum longum
E.Coli M17
2×10 7 CIS *, Georgia
Bifilak Bifidobacteria: bifidum I, bifidum longum
Lactobacteria: acidofillus, fermenti, plantarum
2×10 7 CIS *, Georgia
Ultrabiotic Bifidobacteria: bifidum I
Lactobacteria: acidofillus, casei, lactis
3×10 9 France

Three-component probiotics

Linex Bifidobacteria infantis
Lactobacteria acidofillus
Streptococcus faecium
1.2×10 7 Slovenia
Omniflora Bifidobacteria: bifidum I, bifidum longum
Lactobacteria: acidofillus, fermenti
E.Coli M17
3×10 8 Germany

Four-component probiotics

Bifidobacteria: bifidum I, bifidum longum
Lactobacteria: fermenti, plantarum
E. Coli M17
Enterococcus: streptococcus faecium
108 Georgia

Synbiotics with a two-component probiotic composition

Lacto-G Bifidobacteria: bifidum I, bifidum infantis, bifidum longum
Lactobacteria: acidophillus
10 9
FOS 25 mg
Linex Forte Lactobacillus и Bifidobacterium 2×10 9
Flora Dophilus Bifidobacteria: bifidum I, bifidum longum, breve
Lactobacteria: acidofillus, casei, plantarum
3×10 9
FOS 50 mg

Synbiotics with a four-component probiotic composition

Enteroflorid capsules Bifidobacteria: bifidum I, bifidum longum
Lactobacteria: fermentum, plantarum, acidofillum
E. Coli M17
Enterococcus faecium
10 8
FOS 25 mg
Inulin 25 mg

* The preparations have been produced since the 1960s by various pharmaceutical manufacturers in the system of the Ministry of Health of the USSR, incl. and in the NGO Bacteriophage Tbilisi, Georgia (since 1992 Biopharm JSC). These preparations continue to be produced in the respective CIS countries according to the same technological schemes.

Since 1997, Biopharm JSC, Georgia, has been producing the four-component complex probiotic preparation “Enteroflorid tablets”. The composition of the preparation includes probiotic components: bifidobacteria, lactobacilli, E. coli and enterococci. Each tablet contains a total of 100 million live bacteria.
Since 2003 Biopharm JSC has started production of an improved version of the preparation “Enteroflorid” – ” Enteroflorid capsules”. The preparation is a synbiotic, which has the four-component probiotic composition characteristic of Enteroflorid. As a prebiotic component, the preparation contains 25 mg of inulin and fructooligosaccharide (PHF).

Each capsule of the preparation contains a total of 100 million (108) live bacteria, which are the main components of the normal intestinal microflora. Thus, the preparation is quantitatively standardized at the level of the most modern probiotic preparations.
Considering that in the general contingent of patients diagnosed with dysbacteriosis, two thirds of patients suffer from three- and four-component deficiency of intestinal microflora, the qualitative composition of the drug makes it a highly effective, anti-dysbacterial agent with the widest spectrum of action.